Finally… An Easy To Understand Introduction To Computers

When you mention the word “technology,” most people think about computers. Virtually every facet of our lives has some computerized component. The appliances in our homes have microprocessors built into them, as do our televisions. Even our cars have a computer. However, the computer that

everyone thinks of first is typically the personal computer, or PC.

It is a general-purpose tool, built around a microprocessor.

A PC has many different parts such as memories, a hard


a modem, etc that work together. A PC is said to be “general

purpose” because you can do many different things with it

like: you can use it to type documents, send e-mail, browse

the Web and play games.

Let us look at the main components of a typical desktop


Central processing unit (CPU): The microprocessor “brain”


the computer system is referred to as the central


unit. The CPU oversees everything that a computer does.

Memory: This fast storage area is for storing data and is

connected directly to the microprocessor. That’s why it is

fast. There are various types of memory in a computer


Random-access memory (RAM): Used to temporarily store

information that the computer is currently working with.

Read-only memory (ROM): It refers to computer memory


containing permanent or semi-permanent data that does



Basic Input/Output: Required to establish the basic

communication when the system is turned on. It is directly

connected to the motherboard.

Caching: The storing of frequently used data in extremely

fast RAM that connects directly to the CPU.

Virtual memory: Used to temporarily store data and swap it

in and out of the RAM.

Motherboard: This is the main board in the computer that


the processor, the RAM, the BIOS ROM, the timing and

control, the interrupt and direct memory access hardware


the keyboard interface on it which are connected to it

through the secondary connection.

Soundcard: this device attaches to the motherboard with a

socket called PCI, which allows the computer to play CD’s


music files, or MP3 CD’s. All soundcards have speakers


connectors. The quality of sound depends upon the quality

of the card.

Hard drive: This is the main storage device of a computer.

It stores information including the OS that allows you to

access it all. Most common OS for PCs is Microsoft


And Apple computers use the Macintosh operating system.

Other drives: Most computers are also complete with floppy

disk and CD drives. These vary from system to system,

however all work in same way. They read information stored

on disks. These are necessary for maintaining and


the computer’s software and operating system.

That’s the components that create the average computer.

Although there are many different systems, and configura-

tions, it is difficult to imagine our lives without them.

Computer Parts Online

In today’s age, building computers on yourself is often chosen as the safest and choicest option by a sizeable part of the market for computers. There are various advantages and disadvantages for doing so.

When personal computers first entered the mass market, building a computer was an arduous and risky task. Getting the right computer parts was also difficult and without a guarantee. Putting the whole thing together was a risk because of the newness of the product as well as the absence of expert knowledge. But over the years, the market has understood the process of computer assembly and the heavy savings involved in making your own computer (you basically save on the branded company’s professional service charge for putting the computer together for you).

Customers are able to find everything needed to build a computer on the Internet. If you want to assemble the whole system at one go, you can get a barebone computer system and keep adding on later. Using quality but cheap computer parts is the key trick behind assembling computers.

There are thousands of cheap computer parts on the web today. A quick check list of the main components you need to build your computer is –

o CPUs (Processors)

o Hard Drives

o Graphics Card

o Monitors


o Mouse and Keyboards (other Input Devices)

o Batteries

o Cables & Adapters

o Communications and Connectivity tools

o Cooling Products

o Computer Bags & Cases

o Firewire Products


o Digital Cameras

o Flash Memory

o Gaming Hardware

o Ink & Toner

o Cellular Accessories

o Cleaning Kits & Supplies

o Notebook Accessories

o Headsets

o Media Storage

You can find any of almost all of these computer parts in Internet individually. Cheap computer parts are easy to find and pay for securely over Internet. There are also many sites and services that help you build these types of computers on a professional basis and get you started. These sites help you step-by-step through the process of building a good quality computer using cheap and high quality computer parts – often with illustrated instruction guides to show you how to put your new computer together.

Building your own high-quality but cheap computer with computer parts that are genuine and cheap are often considered a safe bet.

Laptop Computers – The Choice of the New Generation

If you are trying to purchase a brand new computer, you might be besieged with the number of choices that are available on the market. There are plenty of famous brands, models and styles of laptops that you can select from making it too hard for you to consider your purchase options. It is also best to think about the future when purchasing a laptop computer. Purchasing computers way ahead will add several years to the usefulness of your new laptop computers.

When on the lookout for laptop computers you need to consider about its size and weight. Light-weight portable computers are best for individuals who are always on the go but definitely possess smaller keyboards, displays, hard drive and RAM than huge computers. Bigger computers are best for games, graphic designs, entertainment options and video editing but are pricier and much more difficult to carry. When you do lots of typing, opt for computers with full-sized keyboards.

Hunting for the finest reasonably priced laptop computers do not necessarily mean that you have to skimp on finest features and whole quality. Doing a list of several useful features that meet your requirements will keep you from buying laptops with excessive useless features. These days some laptops are manufactured with high speed processors and larger hard drives that are offered at a reduced priced. Affordable computers are not that hard to find, all you have to do is know what you want and where to search for one.

Surf online and read useful reviews on diverse laptop brands and models that are currently available on the market. Be sure to read both expert and consumer reviews on these various brands and determine which will work best for you. The expert reviews will offer you a sound description of the features of each type of laptop computers and may likewise give assessments between these numerous brands to guide you in purchasing one for your needs. Consumer reviews will likewise offer you a clear idea of which type of computers functions best and gives out warnings on every defects of a particular laptop product.

Basically, laptop computers are bought for their portability, speed of processors and hard-drive space. Its entire size and weight are ideally the determining factor for its price tags. The time when you do your purchase options may likewise play an important role on its price ranges. Prices of laptops are definitely purchased during the holidays so better wait for holiday sales before making your purchase. Be alert and watch out for newest models that are released on the market since older models will surely be sold for reduced price rates.

Search for affordable laptops at various computer stores that offer sales and zero loan interest for a computer brand of your own choice. Purchasing eco-friendly laptop computers that you can pay for will save you a great deal of money and electricity in the long run. Know how to purchase the finest laptops that you can afford. Visit websites and look for the finest deals on laptop computers and you may even purchase computers direct from various manufacturers without the acquiring it at excessive price rates.