The Benefits of Using Computers

Computers have become an important part in homes, businesses and the society. There are many people who use computers in their daily lives either for gaming, programming, for prepress equipment, learning new applications or for CTP work. Computers can either be purchased as desktop units or as laptops which makes it quite convenient to use. Laptop computers even enable people to use it whether they are lying on the bed, waiting for a train at the train station or sitting in a restaurant. With the different kinds of computers available, there are also many different brands to choose from. No matter which type or brand of computer an individual uses, computers have become really important in the lives of people and is a great tool in helping people to broaden their knowledge on a wide range of subjects such as information technology, computer studies, word processing, internet and so on.

Computers are simply wonderful machines and everyone depends on it in one way or the other. The applications and programs that these machines offer are benefiting the society either directly or indirectly. The benefits include creating information technology employments, opening communication methods, safety features for automobiles, using for diagnosing patients, predicting weather patterns and calculating data sets. Many small to large businesses nowadays are using computers as a way of storing information and managing their daily activities.

As new applications are being discovered frequently, more employment is created. Apart from businesses, most of the homes have computers and as problems arise with the machines, more and more professionals are needed to deal with the issues. In this world, computers have also become an important part in the lives of children. Nowadays, children are more interested in exploring the benefits computers offer and are eager to learn new technology. In the near future, due to their growing interest in computers, there will not be shortages in information technology labor force in the society.

Computers, games and technology have major influence and are enlightening the lives of children these days. These children will be able to perform well in areas of social learning, academic learning and development. Children of even three years of age love to play computer games, activities and can perform simple typing commands. Computers offer a lot to kids in terms of learning spellings and correcting their mistakes. With the support of parents and teachers, kids are able to improve their skills and learn more about technology.

Many kids love to play games on computer which improves their speed and alertness. Games such as soccer teach them rules of the games while games such as virtual villagers enable them to stay attentive and take the appropriate action in maintaining the health and well being of the tribe. Moreover, many kids and adults use computers and internet for social networking, searching for information on the web and for many other purposes. It all helps them to develop good communication skills, computer skills and makes them learn new things almost everyday. Individuals and the society greatly depend on computers and in the near future these machines will be the work horses.

The Benefits Of Buying Used Computers

Okay, so your computer has eaten its last byte. Don’t fret, you have several options to get you back to surfing the web. You can buy the newest unit on the market or, for a more frugal decision, buy a refurbished computer. The benefits of buying used computers are worth examining.

Saving money is one of the more obvious reasons when choosing to buy a used computer. Often you can find the same or comparable model as a new one for a discounted price, simply because it was refurbished. Refurbished usually means something was originally wrong with the new machine, but it has been repaired and tested. Alternatively, it can be that someone returned the product and it had to be tested and the data cleaned before reselling the item. Either way, it is a viable option when a replacement computer is needed.

In many households, there is one computer per person. This can be expensive not only for the original purchase, but also for replacing either a broken or an outdated computer. In this situation, refurbished computers really can save some money. Knowing how the person used the computer can open a wide range of pricing in the used market. A computer that is only used for internet browsing and general correspondence will be cheaper than one that is used for gaming or any heavy graphic use.

Regardless if the computer is new or used either should come with a warranty. If you are offered a used computer with a short or no warranty, ask if an extended or new warranty can be purchased. Depending on the brand, a second-party warranty service may be available.

Used computers resold on the retail market have been repaired, tested, and cleaned of any previous data that may have been left on the drives. This helps to ensure that the used machine is like new and does not have any virus or other potential damaging effects.

While the selection may be slightly less than buying a new computer, buying a refurbished computer should still allow for a good choice of brands. Searching online is a great option for finding a used brand of your liking. Try the brand’s home sites to see if they offer refurbished machines. This way you know the machine was gone over and has met factory specifications.

You can try secondary markets to find even better priced deals, but these most likely will not have adequate warranties and may not be factory tested upon repair. Oftentimes it is worth the search, because some companies will use these markets to sell off their older refurbished. Just use caution, double check the warranty and the return policy before making a commitment to a purchase on these sites.

When you see the sign that reads refurbished computer give some attention to it, it may save you some money. Reputable companies should stand behind their products no matter if the product is new or refurbished. Brand names become brands because they are reliable. These are only some benefits of buying used computers, browse the internet to find out more information.

The Benefits of Learning How to Program Computers

I still remember the excitement I felt when I wrote my first basic program on the BBC Micro at school. It was a simple four line program that drew a triangle on the screen. In the early 1980s we enjoyed playing games such as Chuckie Egg and the famous Granny’s Garden on the BBC Micro which was the first computer we were introduced to, but the real excitement was getting the computer to perform tasks in the basic programming language. Simple programs that drew shapes or printed text on the screen weren’t exactly ground-breaking but it was enough to wet my appetite for programming and set me on the path to programming games on other computers such as the Spectrum, Atari ST and Amiga.

In the good old days of the Spectrum you could buy magazines which feature pre-written games in basic code that you could type into your own Spectrum and hope the program ran okay. This was a great way of learning how code works and what commands do what. Books on basic programming were also released that would take you through the basics of commands and structure, and end up programming an entire game. The satisfaction of making things happen was amazing.

So what are the benefits of learning how to program computers? In my personal experience it gives you a sense of achievement to create an entire program from scratch and see it working. Working out how to get the computer to do something is challenging as you try to decide how you are going to do it. The excitement of being able to create your very own game where you make the rules. The joy of other people playing it.

Programming is good for the mind as it involves problem solving. For example: how to get multiple sprites moving across the screen and dropping bullets like the famous Space Invaders game. What to do if a player does something unexpected and the game crashes, how to tell the computer how to deal with these unexpected events. I once spent over a week programming a zoom function into an Art Package I wrote which gave me a great feeling of relief when I finally got it working.

Programming can also be lots of fun and a great hobby. I met some good friends when I was writing programming tutorials for various Atari ST diskzines in the 1990s who I still hear from to this day. We would send each other disks full of programming tools and routines and look forward to the many programs we could create where we were limited only by our imagination. Our creations were reviewed in the top Amiga and ST magazines of the day which is something we all looked forward to.

Finally programming can become a good source of income for you. Creating your own programs can become a reality with the many excellent programming languages available such as App Game Kit which allows you to create software that runs on multiple devices. People always want new software and employers need to find programmers to create it.

There are many game creator programs on the market which require no programming at all but I personally find them limiting. If you want to create your own games or application then I highly recommend you get stuck into some good old fashioned coding with one of the popular programming languages on the market today.